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Floating Jetties

Marine Flex and Spiral Anchoring Systems allows you to develop rough water areas with floating platforms and jetties where pile jetties are not advisable.

Because Marine Flex can be set up with positive down ward forces at lowest astronomical tides (LAT) and highest astronomical tides (HAT) the floating structure will be held over a constant foot print at all times during tidal fluctuations.

A free floating pile guided jetty will float between the piles and will react violently during rough weather movements by weather conditions of boats passing by. A large tidal range is extremely suitable for Marine Flex use.

Marine Flex jetties have no visual impact i.e. there are no large piles standing out of the water and a Marine Flex jetty is not affected by deep water drop offs. There is no noise from platforms rubbing up and down the piles. Marine Flex has been used for large marina developments in many countries around the world as well as being used for break water systems.

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